Sunday, November 10, 2013

Walked into a toddler room

Hello everyone
This is normally the part where I start Sunday social but today I've  decided to skip it. it will be back next week I promise !
Instead I'm going to tell you about something that happened at work last week.
It was a regular Tuesday morning I walk in and my boss pulls me over and says
"Jenn I've been thinking about this for a while now and I think I want switch you and *toddler teacher* and have you in the toddler room and her down stairs. I am only saying this is because I can see your frustration level is going up with the preschoolers. are you okay with this ?"
and I replied... YES I'm totally fine with this.
I only said yes because those preschoolers can be a handful, I love them to death but someone else needs to see where I'm coming from (they plain out don't listen to me).
So this past week has been a breeze working in the toddler room with another teacher there are 8 toddlers in that room , they may not listen to you but they do what you say in the end.
In the end I would be happy wherever they put me , I just love children !
Can anyone relate to this quote ?
Ps look out for a guest post this Tuesday on a very inspiring blogger :)

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  1. I showed this to my mom, since she's an assistant teacher to 3 year olds and she said this is so true, especially number 9. She's even going to put it up in her classroom!