Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I have conquered my fear .. I think

Hello everyone, I have some exciting news ...
I think I have overcame my fear of four wheelers over the weekend.

Well first let me tell you how this fear came about.

When I was going into grade two, not sure how old I was but anyways I was at my aunt and uncles house with my family.
My brother and I were on my uncles fourwheeler and my brother was going too fast and I had told him to slow down and surely he didnt!

 We ended up in a ditch with  me knocking off my helmet and me hitting my head on a rock and the wheeler rolling over my knee and I ended up with 5 stiches in my knee and to this day I havent been on any type of four wheeler or motercyle  untilll !

On the weekend I was at my dads and he let me drive his ride on fourwheeler/tractor... that counts right ?!

So proud of my self!


  1. Oh man, you did have a bad experience with 4 wheelers in the past! I still refuse to drive any of the tractors/lawn mowers in my family because I know they are too well loved. If I crashed or in any way injured the tractor, I would be in way too much trouble!

    1. it was pretty scary I must say !