Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hello September

Hey guys!
It is now September 3rd and I'm sitting here writing this in a sweater I am FREEZING! why is it as soon as it hits September the weather instantly gets colder? Id like to speak to someone about this cause I don't like it at all..

 first on the agenda, as you can all see I got a new blog design and I LOVE IT! , don't you ? its so adorable I love love love it !

Second on the agenda, Some of you may or may not know I have started a fitness journey with beachbody and have just finished my first round of 21 day fix and I can happily say I lost 8 pounds and 9 inches in that 21 days and I couldn't be anymore excited to continue my journey. For the last 6 months or more I haven't been able to wear my two very special , one a superman ring and a ring that was my nanny's that she passed on to me when she passed away and finally after 21 days of hard work I was able to wear them again it was the best non scale victory !
As the weeks go on ill be sharing more of my fitness journey I think I have finally fallen in love with fitness and being healthy. My cheer family are all in the same journey as I am and if it wasn't for them and their support I don't think this would all be possible!
My main goal is to surprise my boyfriend when he comes home from basic training , he has NO idea that I have started this journey I cant wait for him to see me !
So I hope you all follow me along this journey.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

a long time gone

As you have noticed I have been gone for quite some time now, but I think im here to stay as I now mark a new adventure in my life!

First off I wanna say dont mind the mess around here as I am slowly working on redoing the blog, that will be done whenever..

My boyfriend just left for basic training today dropped him off at the airport this morning so thats where my new adventure starts! Just me living in my moms boyfriends house while my boyfriend is off to basic training in Quebec. It sure feels strange I keep thinking hes gonna be home soon but no hes gone for a few months.. so lets so where this all goes !

Monday, November 14, 2016

What I have been up to

So much has changed for me over the last few months. 

I no longer live at home with my mom, I have met a new guy and we have been dating for a while now and we just moved into an apartment. Compliments of his work (he works for a huge property management company called Killam properties. They gave us an apartment with 10 percent discount on the rent. I do go and visit my mom every morning before work and have breakfast there, but I am almost 25 I think it was time to move out from there ! 

I am no longer in tumbling anymore due to my foot bothering me (born with clubbed feet).I decided to pull the plug on it until I can get the attention it needs . I have been to a specialist but now waiting for an CT scan appointment. 

As a lot of you know I am gymnastics and cheerleading coach, I am still doing that but, I Am coaching the cheerleading somewhere else as the way the old program was going it  wasn't going so well . In May I decided to let the parents know I was leaving the club as a cheer coach and going to somewhere else (Scotia all-stars cheerleading). All but 4 came with me so I brought over 20 athletes and they and the parents couldn't be more happier! . I am coaching a junior level 2 team which has a few of my old athletes on that team and I am coaching a mini team which is 5-8 year olds. 
I am also now a high school cheer team coach we just had our tryouts on Thursday and it was a great turn out ! 

As for work , I am still at the daycare and currently I am in the toddler room and in my group I have 6 boys ...6 boys ... no girls, it gets crazy ! . My boss in August had torn her ACL and will be out for a few months at the end of the month when she gets her surgery so staff is moved all around till she comes back . 

Well that is what has been going on with me, anything exciting happening with you guys ? Leave it in the comments! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Novembers Goals

 Holy cow where did 2016 go ? ,Its already 2 months away from 2017!
Some of you are probably wondering what I have been up to lately but that will be later in another post, But first my Novembers goals.

         Personal Goals
  • Sort out the laundry and put in proper spots!
  • Clean out my car before it gets too cold to do so
  • Get a budget going and sticking to it
  • Finish the book I started a month ago (finding Alaska)
  • Start holiday gift idea list(myself and others)
Blog Goals 
  • Having at LEAST 10 posts for November
  • Get the blog redesigned 
  • Get myself back into the roll of things with the blog world 

What are your monthly goals or to do lists?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Guess who's back ... back , back again

...Jenn's  back, tell a friend
Guess who's back,
guess who's back,
guess who's back,
guess who's back
guess who's back
Guess who's back...

Okay enough of that . But no seriously I'm coming back guys ! 
I'm going to work to get a new blog design and everything ! I'm super excited  for all this and hope  you all stick around to see this ! 

See you soon with a new design and new posts :) 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tumbling and cheerleading update

I know it's been a while since I have posted but I have some updates. 

I had my second in tumbling competion I tied for 2nd place with scoring but got 3rd place ! 

My girls had their second competion a few weeks back in cape Breton between 2 rolled ankles and two girls very sick  both teams managed to compete twice. And we got through it ! 

We even had a birthday party for one of the girls at the hotel so much fun :) 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

January So Far

January is almost over and its hard to believe!

So lets go back in time a bit  

On January 10 I had my first tumbling competition of the season and I had come second place first place person had beaten me by .500 , I had the score of 56.00 and she had 56.500. SO CLOSE!
I had my mom and her boyfriend and my (new) Boyfriend Jared 

A few days later we had a snow storm and at work we only had the max of 5 kids at the daycare over the course of the day so we spent the day outside, We built a snow fort and we even ate afternoon snack in it! oh and didn't have nap-time either... oops 

This is still standing!

Just last week my competitive cheerleading girls got their new uniforms and their music to their routines it was like Christmas all over again ! The were very excited along with myself . 
Their first competition is February 6th and 7th , very VERY soon!

Over all January has been very good to me minus having this weird head cold thing for almost 2 weeks which kept me from going to the gym . Now im back on the gym bend again. I have managed to be able to run 5km in 46:38 ! first time running 5km. 
In June mom and I are going to run a race called Sole Sisters  its a 5km race just for woman. Pretty excited ! 

That is all for now, Till next time !